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Christian dating podes are a new Christian lifestyle pod for those who are single but are # this person and therefore did not give up the dream of a life partner from the congregation. We mix loudly and low in topics such as love, sex, relationships, theology and helicopters.

Cilla is the creative entrepreneur and the moderate woman from Ofvre Östermalm who dreams of making the world a better place to live on. Opinion makers who thrive best to stand on stage and inspire people. Skiers who cyclate by the US and 2017 were appointed this year’s Evangelist. The heart also strikes for people, business economists in blue-ranking shirts, pink helicopters and social entrepreneurship.

P-O is Pentecost and works with parish development at the Foundation Bible today, when he does not work with integration and labor market issues in the public sector. He is trained to Pastor at Örebro theological college and dreams of a revival within the labor movement as his heart is the bank extra hard for several years in the role of political secretary for the left party.

In Podend’s initial sections, they also also joined by the IT Pastor Lars Gunther, which, however, left in section 13 on the basis of time consuming assignments in the Equmeniakyrkans board, so now the pod is operated by the dynamic duon “PO and the cillanator” during the devices: #glorious living #Live extre all

Well, it makes it mean that Andréas and parts generously from experience from their own life linked to their thoughts about why he chose to wait. We also continue the conversation about how the culture of the free church differs from the secular majority culture and what we believe is particularly important to highlight as positive examples of the tax we had to manage.

Cilla begins becoming increasingly skeptical about this with free kyrkillar and therefore wants to return to the discussion on which models these have when it comes to this with being man?

P-O thinks: “Challenge Accepted” and therefore calls in his pastor Andréas Skogholm with apostrophe to again ride out to the administrative friend’s defense. Cilla, however, has an ace in the coaster, when she managed to recruit Fritjof to her falent of the #extrayal democrats: -O

So lean back and take note of this extraordinary congress in Sweden’s both sexiest and frommest party, extraordinary democrats, for a life a little more #glorious #extray

It is a question that kept P-O for many nights under the stars with his friend Erik. When he and Cilla should try to get the right side of the matter, they eventually feel that the most gropes in my dark.

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