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On April 3, it is the day of love and we have faced the listed dating tips for both the first thing and couples.

On April 3, it is the day of love – a day worth being celebrated by spreading love around us. Why not invite someone on a lovely date? Whether it is the first time or if you have known each other and have been a couple of long, a date can awaken the feelings to life. Here, eight suggestions for fun activities that can lead to cozy gatherings, laughter and unspited conversations.

Cooking together is often a nice activity regardless of whether you have known each other for a long time or if it is the first date. If you are new acquaintances, cooking can be an easy way to get the conversation because there is something natural to talk about. Buy home ingredients and wine before. Overall, choose a relatively simple recipe, even if you are good at cooking, it is not supposed to feel inferior.

A treasure hunt can be a little different and exciting activity. You can do through Geocaching – a modern form of treasure hunt. One needs a portable GPS or a regular smartphone. Someone has hidden a can or similar somewhere with a log book and a pen as the most important content. Sometimes the can also accommodate a “tax” that you can bring, provided that you put something else instead. On the website Geocaching.com there are coordinates for the hiding place and sometimes even clues. In order to read the coordinates and look for taxes, one must create an account at Geocaching.com. It’s free. Visit the Swedish Association’s website if you are curious about more information. Good luck in the search!

Playing billiards means socializing indoors in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The activity works well if you do not know each other so well because you do not have to talk all the time. At the same time, the game gives the opportunity to snack and comments and probably also to laughter. It is not so important if you are not so good at the game, the main thing is that it is nice. It can also provide an opportunity to slightly unsunged body contact. We have all seen at the movies how to take the opportunity to show how the game goes by to stand obliquely and close to his opponent and help to bump the ball.

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